Monday, 22 June 2009

i suck at blogging

my new haircut and sam in the pool at Lulu's house (my mom).

i knew this was going to happen!!! i haven't blogged since february!! i love starting things and then life happens and i forget! oh well, those that know me probably expected this to happen and love me anyway (thanks guys, you know who you are).

life is good, richard is working hard on branding the Kings Arms Church, a new coffee shop opening up in bedford and thats just in the evenings. i am home with sam loving it and trying to get pregnant quick with number 2!!

i am working on this coffee shop too, doing the finances for richards freelance evening work and trying to start working out again but so far no luck (abby, wish we lived in the same city....i never ran so well as with you!).

i am in the states right now with family, seeing friends and enjoying the sun (although its been a little too hot to play outside much).

love you all!! and hopefully i will update soon.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

the past few weeks of adventure

richard put sam in my uggs and we thought it was hilarious cause it makes him look like a japanese animation character!! little body. BIG BOOTS!
eating his first valentines day card from Lulu (my mom)
i put him down and went to go get the laundry from upstairs and thought 'he is making a lot of noise'.......yeah off the days of peace are coming to an end. he is moving!
dont you just love that face?!
and this is by far my favorite. he loves the bath. can stay in it for 30 minutes. and he loves kicking. look at that face! he is having so much fun.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

in memory

my gramma died in november. to say the least she was an incredibly cool gramma. she taught us how to play poker with skittles as money, drove a souped up caddy and her first email address was (created when she was 75!). 

when someone dies or even if they no longer live within an immediately contactable distance there are those moments where you see something they would love and think, 'i have to call and tell them this', or in my case 'she would crack up at this cartoon!'. so i started to forward it to nfunk75 and then stopped--my pre-coffee brain not being as quick as the fully-leaded version of itself. she is not on the other end of nfunk75 anymore. 

and in that moment i think i connected with her absence more than i have since her death. i wasnt able to make the funeral as the tickets from england were over a grand and although i have the dvd i still cannot bring myself to watch it. i kn
ow i need to just make myself a plate of brownies, grab a box of tissues and go for it during sams nap but i just dont have the courage yet (sorry mom).

anyway in my wonderful gramma's memory i enclose the item that she would have thought hilarious below. hopefully she will see it from heaven and have a laugh!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

ambulance rides

no need to panic!! but at 5am sam took his first little ride in an ambulance (saying that i hope its his last but you never know with boys!). pretty scary. he has croup but is okay. he got to breathe through a darth vader mask for a while (breathing in steroids) and look and sound pretty sickly while the drs in the er made sure he was okay and he is.....but we have been told to be prepared to go back again tonight if it gets bad again. so prayers are very very welcome but he has been sounding a lot better today after the steroids so i am hopeful. 

good thing is that it snowed like crazy last night so richard got to have the day off so we have all just been lounging around the house in our 'comfies' (pjs) and snuggling and sleeping. its been a good end to a scary night.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


sam had his first banana today at breakfast! i think he liked it. although he ate it so neatly that i have no interesting picture to show. exciting rice was getting too boring.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

books and a change of pace

Having a new bundle of fun is nothing short of incredible. I love him so much and want to eat his cheeks and squeeze him til he pops. But the change of pace is such an adjustment. Hanging around the house (I dont have a car here in England, not like I really need one but walking in the cold and rain means more hometime), having naptimes and feeding times and 'play' times and then all over again. I am so used to being busy and my life has halted to a slow, yet strangely full, pace. 

Those 'mothering' instincts that everyone talk about having seem to not be fully developed yet. For example, how do you play exactly with a 4 month old? He likes to lie on his front and look at things, lie on his tummy and look at things, hold rattles and eat his hands......I am a rough housing, stomp in the puddles, run around in the park sort of mom. I am slightly at a loss right now! So I am taking up blogging and reading books and trying not to be tempted to make another little person just to create more to do!

Monday, 2 February 2009

i figured out the photo thing! so here is sams first romp in the snow. come to find out its the most snow england has had in 18 years. fun times.